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Finally An Update!

Regarding the FIRESTORM – The First 12 Hours Project:

I imagine you are wondering about the status of FIRESTORM – The First 12 Hours.

In the process of finding funding and making a rough edit for the planned 55-minute feature film FIRSTORM – The First 12 Hours, at the request of the Sonoma County Historical Museum, we created a short (15 min) version of the film. It screened twice at the museum and got very good reviews.

11th Annual Annual Sonoma County Student Film Festival (Photo courtesy SRJC)

Because of the great response from the museum screening, the “FIRESTORM Short” was submitted into six film festivals. Five of those are in the Bay-Area and one is in the Mid-West. The first one to accept our submission is the Annual Sonoma County Student Film Festival. This event will take place on April 5 on the Petaluma Campus of the Santa Rosa Junior College. Please come and see this wonderful short on the big screen! Because I am still a film student at the Santa Rosa Junior College, I got the opportunity to submit the short. This is the third year I have had a project selected for screening in this festival. For more information about this festival click here: Student Film Festival

To take the project further, and make the feature film we originally conceived, will take resources we currently do not have. It will require some further editing by a professional editor, animations, some sound design and the film score. We have the connections but not the funds.

The likely direction now is to use the film short as a springboard to acquire funding to finish the feature. After the short gets an award to two from festivals, we will use it as part of grant applications and/or as part of a Seed & Spark fundraising campaign to raise the funds, probably around $12,000.00, needed to complete the feature.

With that said, regardless of where the film goes now, whether you are an interview subject, a financial contributor or a team member, I want to thank all of you for your contributions. We could not have even made this short film without all of your help. Let us cross our fingers and hope for more success!

Other News:

We are happy to report we are bringing on two new board members. However, we are sad to report; we also lost a board member.

We completed a promotional video for the First Congregational United Church of Christ. They are happy with the final product and they will be using it on their website. It is available to view here: YouTube

We just finished shooting a live performance of Soul Fuse. They performed at Lagunitas Brewing Company in Petaluma as the solo act for a Maria Carrillo High School benefit concert. We are excited to begin the edit for that project.

And finally, we are going to provide staff to shoot a special top-secret event coming up. Stay tuned to learn what that is in a future post.

Thanks for visiting!!

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