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Music Video Released!

As a follow up to the last Blog post, I want to let you all know that we are nearly finished creating six three-minute sequences to put into the Sonoma County Historical Museum’s exhibition “From the Fire – A Community Reflects and Rebuilds” that we will share with you once they are finished. Check back next week to see how that’s going.

In the meantime, we have also been very busy working on a project that we were keeping under wraps. It’s a music video we helped with The People Will rise Up, by a popular music band called Soul Fuse. Check it out here on the websites Home Page: 50+ Films

This video was shot at two studios, Prairie Sun Recording Studio in Cotati and The Live Musicans Co Op in Santa Rosa as the band was recording a record. We shot five days over a period to several months to shoot and another several weeks to edit and the video. It looks like we had a bunch of cameras but except for the first day of shooting, we only shot with two. The edit itself was a labor of love with over 30 tracks of video! All of which has to be synced to the music track!

Check out the bottom left monitor - over 30 tracks of synced video!
Check out the bottom left monitor - over 30 tracks of synced video!

Most importantly is the message of the song: “The People Will Rise Up”. The message behind the music is to get out and vote if you want to make a change in how our government is working. So please – if you have not yet registered to vote PLEASE DO!

And also, feel free to comment on the music video to let us know what you think –we love feedback!!

Things change often on the website so keep checking back – we are currently finishing up a promotional video for a local church that we will feature on the websites main page sometime soon so be on the lookout for that too!

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