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Updated: Oct 18, 2018

Post 57-11 by Roberta MacIntyre 9/24/18

The Sonoma County Museum has invited us to put some clips from our feature documentary FIRESTORM – The First 12 Hours (now in post-production) in an upcoming Sonoma County Museum exhibit.

This week I want to follow-up on our endeavor to screen some of the clips, what I called trailers in the last blog, from our documentary film, FIRESTORM – The First 12 Hours, at an upcoming Sonoma County History Museum event “From the Fire: A Community Reflects and Rebuilds. In short – it looks like we’re in! But we need your help!

Today, we met with the museum curator, Jeff Nathanson, and discussed what the museum would be most interested in. Nathanson didn’t have any specifics and would be leaving it up to us to provide what we thought would best suited to the theme.

According to the museum, “The exhibition is meant to bond our individual attempts to process and honor what we lost, while cherishing what was gained – new perspectives, stronger bonds, and a profound appreciation for the human spirit. It is our hope that the combination of community-based artworks, installations by professional artists, and salvaged objects will create a meaningful experience that will prove to be healing and renewing to the community, and will inspire us to continue to grow together.”

With that in mind, we will be using some sequences we have already created as part of the editing process. Let me tell you a bit about that process. As we are editing we are pulling out the best sound bites from interviews and putting them into a short story format. The result of this part of the process is that we end up with short stories from each interview with story arcs, and a beginning, middle and end. The overall intent is to weave the clips making up these sequences into the total 55 minute feature. However, for the museum, all we need to do is polish up some of these short stories, usually three to six minutes long, and we have several finished shorts from the film.

Sonoma County History Museum
Sonoma County History Museum - Photo by County of Sonoma

Now let me tell you how you can help. Once we assemble these shorts, we want your opinion of them so we can select the best ones for the museum. To facilitate that, we will provide links to the films on our website, and ask that you rate them according to the rating card shown above. We’ll probably do that via a link to a link to a survey rather than asking you to actually type or write something – easier is better. Right?

So, stay tuned for more information about this exciting opportunity – and thanks for reading this Blog!

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